Investor Access

Established in 2000, Redleaf’s market-leading Investor Access team builds on realities, not assumptions. The team takes pride in individually tailoring each programme to each client.


Focusing on private client brokers (PCBs), who handle funds worth £2tn, we introduce clients to a highly targeted audience of investors throughout the UK, producing tangible results.

To prepare our programmes, Redleaf’s IA team draws on in-depth perception audits, share register analysis and conversations with private client brokers, high net-worth individuals and family offices, thus ensuring that our client’s investment propositions reflect the specific investment needs and interests of each target audience.

Redleaf’s Investor Access services include:

  • the organisation of UK-wide investor relations roadshows (from the facilitation of meetings to detailed feedback post-roadshow)
  • fundraising at specific roadshows alongside the client’s broker
  • investor events
  • creation of communications materials for investor relations
  • perception audits
  • shareholder analysis – in order to ascertain current holdings and reasons for buying/selling
  • investor qualification and introduction of new relationships to the share register
  • distribution of news-flow to identified investors
  • proxy work

The programme results in:

  • enhanced understanding among the wider investor community of your company and its ambitions
  • improved share price stability thanks to a broader shareholder base
  • a larger number of long-term shareholders who are genuinely interested in your business and your sector
  • stronger communication with existing shareholders, ensuring that they are fully informed of the management's strategy and thus remain loyal holders
  • increased liquidity and marketability of your company’s shares
  • a better reputation throughout the market as a whole, and more interest in your news as it is announced
  • a bigger appetite among investors for smaller parcels of stock, so you are no longer always reliant on the same base of shareholders
For more information on our expertise in investor access and investor relations, please contact Ralph Anderson at and 020 7382 4763.