Corporate PR

The Corporate PR team at Redleaf plays a key role in building brands and protecting reputations.

We are experts at creating and running powerful communications programmes – from identifying just why you deserve to be more famous to affirming your qualities and achievements, but also ensuring you have robust plans in place if an adverse event occurs.

Our strategic planning is meticulous. We make a precise choice of tools and techniques, targeting stakeholders accurately and communicating with them both effectively and efficiently.

We help companies to:

  • Build brand equity and position themselves for sale
  • Communicate the personality of their company, eliciting trust and making it distinctive in the market
  • Build their profile to drive their bottom line
  • Position themselves as a prime source of expert opinion in their field
  • Attract and retain the highest-calibre talent
  • Establish robust, coherent plans to implement in a crisis

Internal communications form an important part of our programmes.  There are very few businesses that don’t live or die by the quality of their employees.  People are valuable assets who need to be nurtured – not least through regular and well-conceived communication that cements their loyalty and encourages them to become eloquent ambassadors for your brand.