Future Thinking comments on Jamie Oliver's Sugar Rush campaign


Claudia Strauss, Managing Director of FMCG at Future Thinking, comments on Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Rush documentary campaign on Channel 4:

“It is encouraging that Jamie Oliver is putting his trusted public image to good use to address the growing role that sugar is playing in global health issues. Sugar has escaped attention until now and, in some cases, been used to substitute fat, which was previously thought of as bad. However, now that new reports confirm the role sugar plays in weight management and overall health, it’s time that consumers received help in understanding how to manage this, from personalities that are believable and credible. We know now how important that is. Our annual Grocery Eye study this year revealed that many consumers are confused, associating sugar reduction with health but fat with weight gain.  Despite many products being revealed as having high sugar contents, 56% of consumers reported they still had not changed their eating habits. In fact, 24% said their favourite products to buy were confectionary items. We need help to understand what’s what and how to enjoy life and be healthy at the same time!

“Educational campaigns such as Jamie’s are crucial to helping consumers understand what is in the food that they eat and to take responsibility for their own consumption. The responsibility also lies with the manufacturers to clearly show what is in their products, and provide lower sugar reformulations and help their brand loyalists to be healthier. Furthermore, retailers need to work with educators to help guide consumers to suitable alternatives that they can enjoy.”