Ed Balls collision “points” to need for Driverguard insurance


Following the news today that shadow chancellor Ed Balls has been fined £900 and received five penalty points on his licence for failing to stop after a minor road collision, Colin Bowen of St Christopher ChauffeurPlan explains why Driverguard might be an essential purchase for the Balls household this year:

“Driverguard protects drivers that rely on staying on the road as part of their income or to maintain their lifestyle. Now that the shadow chancellor has eight penalty points on his licence, he should consider our Driverguard protection to maintain his busy schedule in his Morley & Outwood constituency and party duties in Westminster.

“If drivers suddenly lose their licence or are disqualified through accruing 12 points, Driverguard can pay up to £30,000 to cover alternative travel costs.

“This incident with Ed Balls highlights how easy it is for people to pick up penalty points and risk losing their license for simple mistakes. With 35.3 million vehicles registered in the UK, many workers rely on their driving license to maintain a living. These workers may want to consider Driverguard to protect against alternative travel costs, especially if they already have accrued points.”