Strawberry Invest adds Research Centre to help investors


Strawberry Invest, the new online direct to consumer (D2C) investment platform, has added a Research Centre to allows investors to explore all the investment portfolio options available before opening an account.

The Strawberry Research Centre allows investors to analyse the investments they think they might purchase according to asset mix, regionalization and past performance.

Ideal for hands-on beginners as well as experienced savers, investors can chart performance, compare investments and get under the bonnet of specific funds. It enables investors to see how different combinations of investments work together and really get a feeling of how the potential portfolio will look like.

Once in the Research Centre, investors can filter investments by a range of criteria or use the search facility to find a specific investment. It is a simple and quick process to create a portfolio and a speedy ‘checkout’ process to buy the funds that have been tested.

James Priday, managing director, Strawberry Invest, says: “Strawberry allows beginner investors with a simple, low cost way of investing. Our Research Centre allows them to delve into the many investments available and choose which are suitable for them, according to their risk profile. We continue to make enhancements to the platform in order to make it easy to start saving and investing.

“We want to give investors as much information and as many tools as they need to help them look after their own investments and make their own decisions. The Research Centre is a freely available tool for any investor to test out their portfolio ideas to ensure it fits with their objectives and risk preference.”

Strawberry Invest allows investors unlimited free Unit Trust and OEIC trading from a wide range of over 1,500 ‘clean’ share class funds. For ETFs, Investment Trusts and share dealing, investors will be charged £12.50 per trade. Investments can be held within a general investment account (GIA), Stocks & Shares ISA (ISA) and a self-invested personal pension (SIPP). An account can be opened with a lump sum of £1,000 or regular contributions of £100 monthly for the first year. Subsequent contributions must be a minimum of £100.