Monogram launches Luxembourg SICAV long-only fund to access Monogram’s ground breaking investment process


  • Innovative investment process based on minimising drawdown
  • Fund uses observation and inference of empirical data to provide superior long term returns
  • Managed by ex-Goldman Sachs Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Paul Marson

London, 12 January 2015. New investment boutique Monogram today announces the launch of the Monogram Fund. The fund uses an innovative investment strategy based on direct observation and empirical research, coupled with tight drawdown control, to maximise gains over the course of the investment cycle.

The fund invests across four asset classes of cash, bonds, equities and commodities. The fund starts with a default allocation of 100% cash, and only allocates into other asset classes if prevailing conditions – based on secular, cyclical and valuation criteria – are favourable. The fund sets in advance a drawdown risk budget and only invests in assets according to this budget.

The fund gains its exposure to bonds, equities and commodities through a highly liquid portfolio of index ETFs and futures. In the case of equities, the fund invests in specific countries –which research has shown is the primary driver of returns – rather than individual stocks.

The fund will be managed by Paul Marson, formerly Global CIO (excluding USA) of Goldman Sachs Wealth Management and Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management and Global CIO of Lombard Odier. 

Paul Marson, Chief Investment Officer and fund manager at Monogram said,

Using a unique investment philosophy based on observation, we can identify and avoid big market falls and provide sustained superior returns for our clients. This is a low turnover; tax efficient approach to investing that is rooted in empirical evidence and rigorous testing.

Milena Ivanova, Chief Executive Officer of Monogram said,

Monogram believes that conventional fund management isn’t delivering. Our innovative approach seeks to preserve and grow wealth in all market environments, rather than just beating the benchmark.

The fund has a minimum investment of £100,000 during the initial subscription period until 31 January 2015. From 1 February 2015, the minimum investment will be £10,000.

Alongside the fund, Monogram offers segregated managed accounts that have been specially developed for clients investing more than £5 million. This bespoke offering follows the main investment strategy, but allows for client specific optimisation.