Rowanmoor Group plc prepares for post April 2015 pensions regime


Rowanmoor Group plc

Rowanmoor Group plc, the UK’s largest independent SSAS provider and a bespoke SIPP and Family Pension Trust (Family SIPP) operator has promoted Sarah Nightingale to the role of Group SIPP Operations Manager. 

Sarah is responsible for SIPP and Family Pension Trust administration in both Salisbury and Bolton.  Rowanmoor Group plc expects demand for these products to grow hugely in the post April 2015 pensions regime, as the new rules bring greater tax-efficiencies and estate and inheritance management opportunities to member-directed pensions schemes such as SSASs, SIPPs and, in particular, Family SIPPs.

Family SIPPs are ideally placed for individuals to capitalise on the new pensions freedoms and to plan for their family’s ongoing financial security as they will allow pension fund wealth to be retained within a pension arrangement for use by multiple generations of nominated beneficiaries, who can retain the fund until capital or income are required.

As part of this new era in pensions, Rowanmoor Group plc also plans new features for its SIPP product, which are expected to debut in the coming months.

Ian Hammond, Managing Director, Rowanmoor Group plc, said:

“As one of the UK’s largest bespoke SIPP operators, we are well positioned to facilitate the new pensions flexibilities from April 2015.  We anticipate increased interest in our Family Pension Trust in the coming months, mainly due to its unique features giving access to significant wealth planning opportunities brought about by the new pensions regime.

“The ability to effect cost-efficient investments and manage them via a flexible cost-efficient pensions wrapper will play a key part in advisory recommendations and the selection of a pension provider with proven experience in these types of schemes will be key.

“Sarah’s appointment strengthens our position in the run up to the April 2015 changes and our ability to offer clients full retirement benefit flexibility.  Sarah has been with the company for over 20 years, most recently as Senior Administration Manager (South).  In addition to her operational responsibilities, Sarah manages a number of key third party relationships, including those with investment partners, and banking and administration platform providers.”