Strawberry Invest cuts share trading charge by 24%


Strawberry Invest

Strawberry Invest, the online direct-to-consumer investment platform, has cut the charge on share trades from £12.50 down to £9.50, starting from 1 February 2015. Strawberry has been able to make this reduction due to a combination of greater economies of scale and the culmination of significant technical work to enhance the cost efficiency on each trade.

As has already been seen this year, Strawberry will continue to cut the platform costs as it reaches economies of scale thresholds through customer asset accumulation and growth. This cost reduction continues to progress Strawberry Invest towards being one of the best value platforms in the market, particularly now for individual share trades.

James Priday, founder and managing director of Strawberry Invest, explained:

“Since launching towards last year, Strawberry Invest’s aim has been to offer a simple and low-cost way for investors to save money. We want Strawberry to appeal to those who want to trade low-cost ETFs, investment trusts and main market UK equities in addition to the free-of-charge Unit Trusts and OEIC trades.

“Simplifying the investment and savings method for people to manage their own money is a challenge for the whole industry, and we are pleased to have been able to make significant progress in helping first time investors understand they can control their own investments.

“As we reach the point of becoming established within the D2C market, we have in the pipeline a number of significant developments that will raise the platform to a new level, to the benefit of all of our current and future customers.”

A full list of Strawberry Invest charges can be found online at: