MONOGRAM Fund now available on AJ Bell Youinvest



8 June 2015. MONOGRAM Invest, the innovative investment management boutique, today announces that the Luxembourg domiciled MONOGRAM Fund is now listed on AJ Bell Youinvest award winning consumer platform.

AJ Bell Youinvest ( ) is a market leading platform offering investors a cost effective method through which to access the MONOGRAM Fund, which invests across the four asset classes of cash, bonds, equities and commodities. The Fund can be accessed through a SIPP, ISA, or Dealing Account and is free to transfer an existing ISA or SIPP from another account into the platform. 

MONOGRAM’s unique investment process is designed to minimise drawdown while participating in market upside when conditions are suitable. The fund uses a default allocation of 100% cash, only investing in other asset classes if prevailing conditions are favourable. In such cases, the fund invests in equities, bonds and commodities through a highly liquid index ETF portfolio, with a key focus on avoiding drawdown. MONOGRAM’s ground-breaking investment processes - combining value, momentum, risk and economic-stress factors - have been designed with the intent of exploiting commonly inefficient market pricing and investor behaviour.

The MONOGRAM fund has a minimum investment of £10,000, $10,000 or €10,000.

Milena Ivanova, Chief Executive Officer and Founding Principal of MONOGRAM, said: “Investors can now access the MONOGRAM Fund, and MONOGRAM’s unique investment strategy, through the acclaimed AJ Bell Youinvest platform.”