MONOGRAM Fund now able to be held in ISAs



  • The MONOGRAM Fund has been recognised as a CIS by the FCA, and is available to be held in an ISA wrapper
  • The Fund has a minimum investment of £10,000 (or $10,000, €10,000)
  • MONOGRAM’s innovative investment strategy combines value, momentum, risk and economic-stress factors to exploit inefficient market pricing and investor behaviour

London, 30 March 2015. New investment boutique MONOGRAM today announces that its MONOGRAM Fund is now available to be held in an ISA wrapper. The Luxembourg domiciled fund is open to investors with assets of £10,000 or more (or $10,000, €10,000), and is based on MONOGRAM’s innovative investment strategy.

The MONOGRAM Fund uses a strategy founded on direct observation and empirical research, coupled with tight drawdown control, to maximise gains over the course of the investment cycle. The avoidance of drawdown is at the centre of MONOGRAM’s investment processes for Equity, Commodity and Bond markets: processes that combine value, momentum, risk and economic-stress factors. These processes have been designed to exploit the generally inefficient market pricing and investor behaviour.

The Fund begins with a default allocation of 100% cash, and only branches out into other asset classes if prevailing conditions - based on secular, cyclical and valuation criteria - are favourable. The Fund sets a drawdown risk budget in advance, only investing in assets according to this budget. In the case of equities, the Fund invests in specific regions as opposed to individual stocks; research has shown this is the primary driver of returns.

Milena Ivanova, Chief Executive Officer of Monogram, said: “The MONOGRAM Fund is now registered for sale in the UK, and is available for general distribution in ISAs and SIPPs. The Fund is based on our innovative approach to investing, and invests across the four asset classes of cash, bonds, equities and commodities.

“MONOGRAM believes that conventional fund management isn’t delivering - we are seeking to preserve and grow wealth in all market environments, rather than just beating the benchmark. The MONOGRAM Fund gains its exposure to bonds, equities and commodities through a highly liquid portfolio of index ETFs, which are held in different proportions depending on prevailing market conditions.”