How to Own the World: Plain English Finance launches original guide to investing


Plain English Finance

Plain English Finance, the financial education specialist, today announces the book launch of “How to Own the World”, a plain speaking guide to investing wisely.

The book, written by Plain English Finance founder Andrew Craig, aims to give anyone and everyone a proven investment method that is easily understood and works consistently over time and in any economic cycle.  Andrew guides the reader through the world of finance, detailing why it has never been more important to know about financial products and investment and giving specific ideas about compelling ways to arrange their financial affairs. 

Craig shows why it has never been a better time to be an investor, the power of compound interest and the importance of investing globally.  The book is based on successful strategies used by the likes of Harvard and Yale, which have consistently achieved returns of 8-12% a year on average over several decades.   

The book is available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats or directly from the Plain English Finance website as a PDF.  The Plain English Finance website also includes sections explaining how to start investing, regular and updated articles and tips, opinion pieces and support products. 

Andrew Craig, founder of Plain English Finance and author of How to Own the World, said:

“For many people, managing their finances properly and investing well is nothing less than life-changing, yet so few people ever learn enough about the subject to make that difference.  The finance industry so often confuses and bemuses people with impenetrable jargon and marketing guff.  We’re committed to helping people understand truly effective investment in a simple, no-nonsense way.   We want people to have the knowledge to take control of their finances, enjoy financial freedom and realise their dreams as a result.”