Investment ‘gurus’ convene at elite investor summit to guide investors through predicted economic ‘choppy waters’


Elite Investor Summit

Investment experts and one of America’s leading economic forecasters are speaking at an elite investment summit for investors on 7th November at Sopwell House, the former home of Lord Mountbatten in St. Albans, Herts.

Speakers at the investment conference include the following:

  • Mark Dampier, Research Director at Hargreaves Lansdown
  • Head of corporate development at 7im, Justin Urquhart Stewart
  • Author and CEO of Plain English Finance Andrew Craig
  • Money Week’s Tim Price and James Ferguson
  • Luke Lang, co-founder of crowdfunding platform CrowdCube
  • Russel Napier, author of the Solid Ground report and investment adviser
  • Graham Rowan, founder and Chairman, Elite Investor Club

The keynote speaker at the Elite Investor Summit will be the renowned American economic forecaster Harry Dent, who has used the science of Demographics to predict major economic and market shifts such as the ‘Tech Wreck’ of 2000, the 2000s’ real estate bubble and the stock market crash of 2008. Harry will be making his only European appearance of the year at the Elite Investor Summit.

He is currently predicting a 50% drop in London property prices, long term stagnation in the property market and some major stock market corrections. Harry will also be speaking on projected economic growth and spending trends around the world, the causes of the greatest debt bubble in modern history, and the overbuilding boom in China.

He is predicting the next worldwide crash from mid-2015 into early 2017. He anticipates the Dow going to 5,500-6,000 and a similar 50% to 70% drop in the FTSE, as well as a worldwide real estate bubble burst, and with London being the most overvalued market in the western world, expects one of the largest crashes here.

Russel Napier will be talking on how Corbynomics will be the ‘new normal’ and how he thinks China will devalue sending a wave of deflation across the world. Tim Price will look at how investors can attempt to navigate deflationary and inflationary trends, and protect their capital in a world of monetary uncertainty, while Mark Dampier suggests people should focus on yield and take ownership of their own portfolio and do their own research.

Graham Rowan, Founder of the Elite Investor Club, said: “We have assembled a stellar cast of speakers for this event and Harry Dent is particularly welcome. Investors who attend the conference on 7th November will be given guidance on strategies for protecting their assets and profiting from the first deflationary economy since the 1930s. Investors will have a chance to learn what to expect over the next few years from established investment experts and charter a steady course through some predicted choppy economic waters.”


For further information and how to attend the elite Investor Summit on 7th November (standard ticket price of £197), please go to