Pioneering fintech platform opens up the world of corporate finance to business owners


  • Pomanda has launched for business owners, investors, advisers and professional service providers
  • The first platform built around the needs of the Business Owners
  • Gives users to the tools to value companies, conduct business analytics and connect to capital in a confidential and secure space. 
  • Combines cutting edge technology, industry insight and academic research to modernise corporate finance

An innovative online platform, which lets business owners value their business quickly and cost effectively, whilst also discreetly connecting them to a network of corporate advisers, potential investors, debt providers and professional service providers, has launched today.

Pomanda has developed it’s Pomanda CEO package specifically for the needs of the business owner -  utilising cutting edge technology to empower owners to develop a company valuation, conduct industry comparisons, view live M&A activity in their sector and, should they choose to do so, explore corporate finance options in their own time and on a confidential basis.

Richard Bland, CEO, Pomanda, commented: “The concept for Pomanda CEO evolved from the genuine need amongst business owners to find a more progressive, transparent path to potential investors and professional advisers. This is the first time anyone has developed a platform designed to bring together all three parties – business owners, advisers and investors – under one virtual roof.  Our research found that business owners often feel left out in the cold when it comes to managing the valuation and sale of their company.  Given the emotional and financial investment that owners make when creating and building a business, many believed that there must be a way of putting business owners back in the driving seat.   Pomanda CEO addresses this concern and offers entrepreneurs a better understanding of their business’ worth ahead of any potential sale negotiations.

“Pomanda has built the tools that take the hard work out of developing a realistic valuation and can help businesses understand the financial factors that drive a sale price. Once they are comfortable with the financial data, Pomanda CEO can take them to the next level by connecting them seamlessly to expert corporate advisers and potential investors, should they decide to pursue a transaction. Introductions are made discreetly and confidentially – business details will never be revealed until they are comfortable doing so.”

The Pomanda CEO package delivers detailed financial valuations. Based on established Corporate Finance techniques combined with academic theory from valuation expert Professor Aswath Damodaran, the calculator automatically pulls in data from Companies House as a starting point and allows manual input to model different scenarios.