Making Space for New Ideas in the Property Sector


Property Team

Making Space for New Ideas in the Property Sector

It is can be tricky to surmise what we do – or indeed don’t do - in the Property Team at Redleaf. We specialise in communications within the real estate sector, yet the projects we work on vary hugely from corporate PR for property-focused private equity firms to consumer-focused campaigns for residential developers. The ways we help clients achieve their goals are even more varied. 

Traditional media relations remain a major part of most of the projects we deliver, but these days there is so much more to communications than press coverage. A successful campaign is no longer just measured in column inches and the number of times the phone rings after an article appears, but also by the number of hits, followers, likes, retweets, impressions… the list goes on.

 As well as social networking, brand partnerships are increasingly used as a way to raise the profile of a business or product, tap into a new customer base and increase revenue. 

This might mean working with a local restaurant, a fashion brand, a jewellery designer or a luxury car dealer to organise an event. It may mean working with a magazine or photographer, using a particular venue as a location for as photoshoot.


Bristol Cars photoshoot at Merchant Square in Paddington; Sam Frost Photogrophy and Bristol Cars Limited

Pop-ups have become an increasingly popular concept as developers see an opportunity to bring vibrancy, interest and footfall to a project. Developers are making use of empty commercial and residential space to host events, shops, galleries or restaurants to name a few. Hosting the right pop up can help put a property on the map; aligning it with a complementary brand can organically attract the target audience.

At Palazzo Molin in Venice, a 15th century palace in San Marco that has been transformed into a collection of apartments, a pop-up boutique has been installed in the development’s retail space. The pop-up sells hand-blown Murano glassware and other Venetian products, including cashmere throws and perfumes based on the original recipes and secret formulas of Venice. Highlighted by the Wall Street Journal as one of the “things you need to know”, the pop up has generated considerable footfall to the development and has led to sales enquiries for the remaining apartments and retail unit at Palazzo Molin.


Murano glassware pictured in Piazza San Marco, Venice

With so many developments on the market and so many firms looking to take advantage of the booming property market, the need to stand out has never been so great. For us, that’s likely to mean a continued diverse workload, whether it’s publicising cars or animals on rooftops, dragon boat races, food markets or pop-up art exhibitions. It’s all in a day’s work…