You don’t have to down tools to go on holiday - stay productive by meeting in the cloud


Guest blogger, Alex Hunte, co-founder of LyteSpark, explains how to stay connected in even the most remote holiday destinations.

You don’t have to down tools to go on holiday - stay productive by meeting in the cloud

LyteSpark is a simple, straightforward video conferencing facility that helps you connect with colleagues, suppliers and members of the public. Hosted in the cloud, your branded meeting room is accessible from laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Business owners have traditionally struggled to take holidays fearing they would find it difficult to maintain contact with colleagues, clients and suppliers. Being completely out of touch can be anxiety inducing and, as much as it would be nice, business doesn’t come to a halt while we jet off to sunnier skies.

Fear not.

Modern tech means we can be ‘back in the room’ in minutes, speaking to colleagues and clients as soon as we’re needed, by using video conferencing from almost any far-flung location.

Here’s our list of the ultimate video conferencing locations:

On a peak

Mountaineering above the clouds?

You can still get inside the cloud! 4G coverage is available from the heights of Everest thanks to China Mobile and Huawei, who deployed LTE TDD wireless technology at base camp. So if urgent business matters arise while you’re at 17,000 ft, you’ll be able to connect. Just don’t forget to clip in your ropes!


Unreliable and expensive Wi-Fi service on cruise ships is a thing of the past. The clear blue skies above are now rich with high-speed internet connection via satellites. This means you’ll be able to fire up the laptop and fill your colleagues with envy, as you video conference from the pool or even casino, cocktail in hand.

Deep in the jungle

Surely not even the most powerful Internet connection can penetrate the jungle canopy?

Well, think again!

Back in 2012, it became possible to log on from the heart of the rainforest. SIPAM (the System of Protection of the Amazon) installed a VSAT satellite dish, providing internet and telephone access to indigenous tribes. Amazonian tribesmen strolling into shot while holding an online meeting with the team – that’s not something you see every day.

The South Pole 

Internet at the end of the earth is now a reality.

The 4,000 residents of Antarctica are intrepid explorers of both land and web. Felicity Aston became the first woman to ski across the icy planes of the Antarctica in 2013, and shared her journey on social media. You too could be discussing business while sledging across the ice.

From the shores of a remote island

Work remotely from an island in the tropics. Sun, sea, sand and signal!

The internet here may not be quite up to city standards, but a quick online meeting is certainly doable. And if you’re struggling to connect at the beach, you can always resort to logging on at the hotel reception!


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