Game, Set and Match Murray


Rishi Banerjee, Property Team

What can businesses learn from Wimbledon champions?

Game, Set and Match Murray

Watching Wimbledon is a favourite British pastime, one to be enjoyed with champagne and lashings of strawberries with cream. Andy Murray’s victory topped it all off – we really couldn’t have been happier.

But apart from learning that sun cream is a must, and there is such a thing as too much champagne, what can we learn from Wimbledon?

Murray’s spectacular win, and his post-match interviews, highlighted the importance of Murray’s strategy, his team and dedication towards his victory.

Although sports analogies in business are no new thing, from a PR perspective, Murray’s words were of particular pertinence.

In tennis, as in business, it is the excellence of your support team that allows you to truly shine. While the CEO may make the final decision in the boardroom, all successful business leaders depend on the expertise and experience of their teams to deliver the best results - just as Wimbledon champions do before they step onto the lawns of SW19.

Just as business leaders need to be briefed before going into a media interview, so too do tennis stars. Murray has a dedicated team advising him on handling the media in press conferences, his diet, fitness, strategy, technique, and, most importantly, his mental strength. Without confidence in their employees, their advisers and PR people, no business leader can be confident in the likeliness of success.

This constant support is why players can focus on the task in hand on the court and deliver their best tennis when it matters the most. Similarly, in order to perform at their best, business leaders need to be fully briefed and prepared, by the hard work of the team behind them. This team should be able to work together and ensure every aspect of a potential meeting or media interview is accounted for so the leader can come across in the best way possible avoiding any embarrassments.

Murray’s sentiments in his post-match interviews illustrated the importance of his support team, not only to his winning Wimbledon, but throughout his career. After all, without a support network, no one is able to achieve much. It is easy to forget the importance of the people behind the business leader or sports star but - although they are happy to stay behind the scenes - it is their support, specialist knowledge, and dedication to winning that truly gets them to the top.