Redleaf Communications appointed by Somero Enterprises, Inc


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Redleaf Communications appointed by Somero Enterprises, Inc

Redleaf Communications is pleased to announce that it has been appointed by Somero Enterprises, a Company specialising in delivering laser-guided and technologically innovative machinery used in horizontal concrete placement, to act as its financial, corporate and trade PR advisor.

The account will be managed by Rebecca Sanders-Hewett, Henry Columbine, Roy Turner, David Ison and Susie Hudson.

Rebecca Sanders-Hewett, Director at Redleaf Communications,said:

"Somero is a solid business with world-class products and an experienced board that has guided it to more and more success in recent years. The Company has a clear strategy for continued growth, and we look forward to working with the management team to help tell the story and raise its profile in the financial press, trade press and wider investment community.”