Employee relations

The lifeblood of any organisation is its people, and employee relations management is now established as a key component of corporate communications and marketing.


Employees are brand ambassadors to the business world and the wider community; frequently, they are also customers to their own workplace and now, thanks to online social media, have also become producers of digital content. All this means that employee engagement programmes have an important role to play in overall stakeholder management.

Internal Communications

Always aiming to generate a sense of engagement and motivation in the workplace, our expert teams can judge exactly when to ‘tell or sell’ information to employees, when to consult them, and when to involve them actively in the decision-making process. 

Redleaf believes that clients need to promote a single, cohesive identity among employees, and our experience in this field embraces internal communications across multiple jurisdictions, languages and cultures.

We offer expertise in:

  • Design of internal communications strategy
  • Leveraging existing intranet communications functionality 
  • Design of communications cascades
  • Production of internal communications materials
  • Crowdsourcing ideas (and ideas boxes)
  • Engagement events and workshops
  • Consultations

Change Management

Periods of profound organisational change always present a communications challenge. One of the keys to successfully managing corporate change is to ensure that employees understand its nature and the impact it will have on them each of them.  

Conduct Management

The aim of a conduct management programme is to ensure that employee behaviour reflects the company’s declared standards of ethics and conduct. The recent financial crisis and subsequent regulatory activity have highlighted the importance of conduct management and for scrupulous best practice in employee communications.

Redleaf designs programmes to disseminate messages to employees on their professional obligations, whether in accordance with company policy or to satisfy the requirements of compliance.