Public and regulatory affairs

Since the financial crisis of 2008, levels of government intervention have increased, the impact of international and European law has become more prevalent, and commercial activities have become more politicised; more than ever, businesses need to engage judiciously with Government and other forces in politics, articulating the benefits they bring to communities and other stakeholders, and combating adverse legislation.

As a member of the Porta Group network, Redleaf can offer access to public affairs specialists with wide-ranging expertise and close connections to decision-makers on UK, European and international policy based in London, Brussels and beyond.

In the field of public and regulatory affairs we also build communications programmes for clients that address the current and potential impact of legislation upon their businesses, the economy and the communities they serve. When institutions are making important decisions, our clients’ views deserve to be heard.

Regulatory Affairs

Financial scandals and the privatisation of natural monopolies are just two of the factors that in recent years have led to ever more stringent regulation. In this climate, companies need to work closely with regulatory bodies, ensuring that the consequences of regulation for business are taken into consideration at every point.

Backed by the complementary expertise of the Porta Group, we support clients in their engagement with regulators in the UK and internationally, ensuring that their interests are fully represented as they respond to consultations and proposed changes in regulation.

We also take care to integrate regulatory affairs into the wider communications mix, articulating the issues into messaging for all channels and stakeholders.